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Ujjain, a city located at the banks of river “Shipra” is well-known for its rich religious history and also being visited by millions of devotees in the famous “Kumbh Mela” which is held there every 12 years

Ujjain also plays very important part in Jainism too. One of the three temples of Shri Manibhadra Veer Maharaj is located here. Every year thousands of pilgrims visit Ujjain to pay their homage. Over almost 500 years ago, wealthy, and devoted Shree Manekchand Seth used to live here in his huge Mansion located at the banks of “Shipra” river. After Shri Manibhadra Veer Maharaj’s demise, his devotee’s started worshipping a “Shri-fal” (a coconut is considered a human head) as symbol of Shri Manibhadra Veer Maharaj’s head (“Mastak”).The worship impacted on devotees. Their life was now filled with positive progress, success, and achievements. Gradually, people from all around started paying their tribute. Since, it is been believed as worshiped as “Mastak” of Shri Manibhadra Veer Maharaj. Shri Manibhadra Veer Maharaj’s temple is built around his old home and it is converted in to the temple and gradually the place and premises were developed and now there is a “Dharamshala“ providing all facilities to the pilgrims.


Ujjain tEMPLE


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Shubhashbhai Duggad – Ujjain



Ujjain Dharamshala

  • Naukarshi (Breakfast): 8:00 to 10:00 AM
  • Lunch: 11:30 am to 1:30 PM
  • Dinner: 4:30 PM to till Sunset
    • – AC rooms 13
    • – Non AC rooms 9
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  • Bank Name: Bank Of India (Indiranagar, Ujjain)
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  • IFSC Code: SBIN0003344
  • Bank Name: IDBI Bank (Ujjain)
  • Account Number: 088104000151436
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Daily Darshan Timing

6:30 am to 9:00pm



Bherugarh, Ganesh Nagar, Near Bhairavnath Temple, Madhya Pradesh 456003

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